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What's the best sleeping bag for a sleepover?

Children's sleeping bags have come a long way in recent years, giving parents more choice than ever before.  But variety means that choosing the right children's sleeping bag for a sleepover may seem harder than ever.

Fortunately at Feather on the Floor, the children's sleepover store, we're here to make choosing the right sleeping bag for a sleepover simple, and understandable.

 So read on, or go straight to our children's sleeping bags by clicking here.


Q) What's the right thickness sleeping bag for children's sleepovers?

A) 1 or 2 "season", or a low tog sleeping bag

For most sleepovers, in the warmth of a modern house, a 1 or 2 'season' sleeping bag is the best solution.  Because a sleeping bag fully envelopes the child, a relatively thin sleeping bag will keep a child warm, without being too warm for a children's sleepover.

'Tog' or 'Season' are both measures of how well insulated, or warm, a children's  sleeping bag is.  Most of us are familiar with tog rating for duvets at home, whereas good quality children's sleeping bags are often rated by "seasons", which is a guide as to how many of the 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) they are warm enough for. 

At Feather on the Floor, we only offer sleeping bags that are suitable for children's sleepovers.

Children's Sleepover in Sleeping Bags


Q) What's the right shape sleeping bag for children's sleepovers?

A) Rectangular / envelope, for breathability

If a sleepover is indoors, then the best shape children's sleeping bag is generally the traditional rectangular / envelope shape.  The rectangular shape allows air to circulate and gives a child plenty of room to move.

Children's Sleeping Bag Size Rating

children's sleeping bag shapes: rectangular for sleepovers

Sleeping bags which taper, or "mummy" bags are perfectly suited to camping and sleeping outdoors, purposefully trapping air around the body to keep it warm, and if you are looking for a mummy-shaped sleeping bag for your child, visit our sister-company Kids Camping Store.


Q) What's should a child in a sleeping bag sleep on, at a sleepover?

A) An air-bed or self-inflating mattress (SIM)

For a good night's sleep at a children's sleepover, a sleeping bag needs to be on top of a mat to provide comfort and, if the sleepover is on a hard floor, insulation from the ground too.

The traditional option is a children's air bed, which is easy to set up, small to store, and a children's size air bed with a flocked surface will provide plenty of comfort.

An upgrade from an air bed, in terms of comfort and warmth is a self-inflating mattress (SIM).  SIMs are made from a foam structure that expands (inflates) as soon as the air valve is opened, and will fully inflate in seconds.  The foam structure is firmer and more insulating than air, and so is especially advisable for children's sleepovers on hard floors such as wood or tiles.

Children's SIMs come in both 3cm and 5cm thicknesses, and can be found in out children's sleeping bags section.

Self Inflating Mattress to fit Children's Sleeping Bags at Sleepovers

SIMs: simply roll out,open the valve, and they're ready for a sleeping bag


Q) Does sleeping bag quality matter for sleepovers?

A) Simply, yes!

Just because a children's sleepover is indoors, it doesn't mean that quality isn't important; in fact it may be more important than ever!

For sleepovers, children's sleeping bags have to:

  • maintain their insulation throughout the bag
  • withstand being washed multiple times
  • be strong enough to be used in sack races and other games!

...which is why all children's sleeping bags at Feather on the Floor come from respected quality sleeping bag manufacturers such as Vango and Sprayway. 


If you have any questions about the best sleeping bag for a children's sleepover, don't hesitate to contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.

"Have a magical sleepover!"