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10 Things to Look for in a Teepee Play Tent

So what should you look for in a good teepee play tent? Here are 10 features and benefits to help you find the perfect playhouse.


                  Good news! No longer do we have to depend on animal skins to make teepees… You probably already knew that. But what should you look for? The answer is cotton. 100% ideally. Anything from 150 grams per square meter should do the trick.

  1. BASE

                  A base not only looks great, but it will protect your little one’s skin from hard floor or carpet burns. It may well also protect your hard flooring or carpets from the little ones!

  1. TIES

                  Ties for the base will keep things safe and tidy. Same goes for the doors. No ties back on the doors and you increase the chances of wear and tear as the kids pop in and out.


                  This one is not obvious. But it can get quite warm in there! Traditionally Teepees had chimneys. Now we do not recommend lighting fires in there, but a window or chimney will help air flow which will keep them feeling comfortable.

  1. FEET

                  Feet on the poles will add a little extra grip as well as protection for your floors.


                  If you do want to put your Teepee away for a while, think about how you would do that. A protective and tidy solution is always better than bunging it under the stairs or in the loft.

  1. SIZE

                  Like most things, Teepees come in many different shapes and sizes. You can even find them for cats now! A square base of no less than 1m x 1m and an internal height of no less than 1.4m is best.


                  You can get poles in different materials, usually a hollow metal pole which is painted or solid wood. The wood poles certainly look more authentic and as they are not painted, you won’t get any paint chippings or rust over time.

  1. SEAMS

                  This can make a difference. If you don’t know your “overlocks” from your “double top stitch” don’t worry too much. The tidier the stitching looks, the better it is. That is the general rule.


                  A Teepee which can easily be assembled and collapsed, over and over again, is really going to allow you to get your bang for your buck And if you can find one that doesn’t need any tools assemble, it’s a win win!

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